The Future Is Then


Web Series • 50 minutes • 2019 Tribeca Film Festival

Logline: Set in mid '90s Brooklyn, The Future is Then follows a recently widowed Trinidadian travel agent who is recruited to be the brains behind the scenes of an Expedia-esque start up, run by three twenty-something white dudes.

Cast: Myra Lucretia Taylor, Carl Kranz, Matt Barats, Mandela Bellamy, Joshua David Robinson, Stephen Gurewitz

Crew: Written and Directed by Sarah Salovaara; Produced by Okema T. Moore; Executive Produced by BRIC TV; Cinematography by Arlene Muller; Edited by Lucy Munger and Sarah Salovaara; Production Design by Nina Macintosh; Costume Design by Stacey Jordan

Press: Backstage Magazine; Filmmaker Magazine